Thurrock: Seabrook Rise ITA

Monday 11th of April 2016

This project has now ended.

Who are Tpas?

We are England’s leading resident engagement experts. We’re dedicated to improving resident engagement standards across the country. We bring residents and landlords together through a wide range of services, independent and impartial advice, support, consultancy and training. 

We have supported residents through many regeneration projects; we provide expert information and advice, offering accurate and unbiased information about proposals for the future of your home.

What did Tpas do?

Tpas accompanied Thurrock Council on home visits, visited individuals on request, responded to phone calls and emails and attend key meetings. Our role was to support residents, both tenants and home owners, affected by the proposed regeneration; we provided an independent assessment of the quality of information and service being provided by Thurrock and other organisations. We; 

  • Ensures your voices were heard and that you were able to influence the project
  • Provide an independent perspective and voice to both residents and Thurrock Council.

How do I get in touch with you?

Tpas had a dedicated freephone number and email address to make it easy to contact your independent advisors.