South Lambeth: Independent Advice

Tuesday 21st of February 2017

Tpas are working as Independent Adviser (IA) for the residents of the South Lambeth Estate to ensure they are fully involved in, and an equal partner to, the proposed regeneration.  

Tpas have worked extensively with LB Lambeth to ensure that residents’ needs and aspiration are met within the context of the Key Guarantees document. 

Tpas listens closely to residents and explains the facts in an impartial way, supporting residents through what can be a very difficult time and process.  Active listening and focused capacity building will support residents to form a pragmatic view on the best option for them and become more confident to engage in the process from an informed viewpoint.  Residents’ opinions matter because ultimately it is the future of their homes and neighbourhoods that will be determined.  Tpas will issue a number of newsletters and information leaflets to residents to provide further independent and impartial advice. 

For more information on our approach, role and standards that you can expect from us please look at our Service Charter.

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Who is on the Team

Yvonne Williams - Lead Adviser
Emma-Jane Flynn - Project Manager

How to contact us

Phone us directly using our Independent Advisor Freephone on: 0800 731 1619 (if you are calling from a landline the call is totally free to you but if you are using a mobile phone tell us straight away and we’ll call you right back)

Email us directly using the dedicated email account at: 

If you phone Tpas we will call you back within 24 hours, if you email or write to Tpas we will respond to you within 3 days.