New Park Village: Ellerton Walk ITA

Thursday 24th of March 2022

Tpas, your independent tenant Advisor - here to help you!

Tpas are the Independent Tenant Advisor for residents of New Park Village, Ellerton Walk.

We would first like to say a big hello from Tpas to everyone on the New Park Village estate

Why are we here?

As you know the Ellerton Walk area is about to undergo demolition and redevelopment by the council and we have been asked to act as independent tenant advisors on the project.

What this means is that:

  • We will be a source of individual advice for every affected resident during this process. All the Tpas team are housing professionals with a lot of experience of these kinds of projects. So, when you talk to us you can get advice and ask us questions knowing you are getting advice from an independent experienced person. We don’t promise to know everything but we do promise to give you are best understanding and find out if we are not sure.
  • As well as being available to speak to people individually it is also our job to check that all the information you receive is fair accurate and is not misleading or does not leave anything out you need to know. It’s also our job to monitor the consultation process throughout this process to ensure everyone is contacted and is given an opportunity to make their views know.
  • The final thing we do is support your tenants’ representatives as they work with The Council and New Park Village TMC on the project from building design, affected residents’ rights and project progress.

Resident led project steering group

The project now has a steering group set up that approves all the key decisions, documents that go out and monitors performance. The steering group is made up of a majority of tenants with 2 officers from the council. So, this means that your representatives have a big say in what happens and how things are being done. Our job here is to advise them on housing issues, best practice, possible options etc both in and between meetings so they can represent as effectively as possible.

So our role in a nutshell is to provide individual advice, make sure consultation and is open to all and support your representatives as they represent you.

Just one more thing!

One final thing…….although we are called Independent Tenants Advisors we are actually here to advise everyone who is directly affected including leaseholders and freeholders. So please contact us even if you are not a tenant but could be impacted by the move.

How can you get in touch with us?


Freephone: 0800 731 1619