LB Lambeth: Wimborne House IA

Tuesday 21st of February 2017

Residents of Wimborne House have been investigating the merits of creating a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) to manage the housing services in the block once refurbishment of their homes is complete.

Following a discussion at a public meeting, all tenants and leaseholders present voted unanimously in support of forming a TMO for Wimborne House.

Tpas are working closely with the WHRA (Wimborne House Resients Association) to ensure residents are involved and informed throughout the process.

Who is on the Team

Tom Hopkins - Lead Adviser
Yvonne Williams - Adviser
‚ÄčEmma-Jane Flynn - Project Manager

How to contact us

Phone us directly using our Independent Advisor Freephone on: 0800 731 1619 (if you are calling from a landline the call is totally free to you but if you are using a mobile phone tell us straight away and we’ll call you right back)

If you phone Tpas we will call you back within 24 hours.