New Park Village: Ellerton Walk ITA

Thursday 24th of March 2022

A final Message from Tpas and a big Thankyou from us to all on New Park Village!

This will be our final message as TPAS will no longer be working on New Park Village as we officially finish working directly on the estate on the 31/10/23.

We started this project in November 2021 and have provided independent advice services for this period to all affected residents on the estate and your resident representatives.

During this time, we have tried to give residents and their representative access to advice from an independent person and work with everyone involved in the project to make sure residents views, aspirations and concerns are central to the New Park regeneration project.

We have developed a real admiration for the community on the estate, how they pull together and for the many residents who have given up so much of their time to help ensure the project meets the wishes of their community and its needs. We have also developed some great working relationships with Wolverhampton Council Officers, New Park Village TMC and residents which we have been really grateful for and won’t forget.

Over the life of the project, we have spoken face to face to over 90% of tenants and all leaseholders and Freeholders who contacted us for advice. We have also had regular day to day contact we people throughout the life of this project.

The highlights for us were:

  • Helping to establish the Resident Steering Group which now agrees key project decisions and monitors’ progress. This is made up by a majority of resident representatives.
  • Working with Residents and CWC staff to agree initial designs for the estate and attending the 3 day consultation event which helped residents give their views.
  • Being part of the development of the residents Charter which gives clear council commitments to affected New Park Village residents on their rights, the redevelopment process and how they will be treated.
  • Visiting the vast majority of tenants in their homes to conduct a survey of people’s views on the project, their concerns, preferences and aspirations for themselves and the estate. The Information gathered was fed directly In the RSG decision making process and made a big difference. (It was also great to meet people in their homes and get to know them better.)
  • Holding the Community Day in May 2023 to launch the Residents Charter and give people a chance to talk to all the council staff working on the project about it and how it will affect them.
  • Seeing’ ringfencing’ of available properties for New Park Village residents that meant many were finally able to move out of their homes and a date could be set for demolition work to start.
  • Working with the NPV community on a day-to-day basis and getting to know people individually and collectively

Now the project is moving into a new phase, with demolition imminent and the new council project team fully deployed, we have agreed with the RSG that this is a good time for us to withdraw from the project as the demand for the kind of intensive support and advice we provide will not be as great.

Moving forward then we will now be ending our involvement with the project and independent tenant advisory services will be provided in future by staff from Bushbury Hill EMB who are more locally based.

We will be closing our freephone advisory service at the end of November 2023 along with our detailed email contact for queries from residents related to the project. Any queries we do get via these routes will be passed onto The CWC project team in the first instance who will then pass these onto the new tenant advisor if people have requested this service.

The new ITA will be advertising their contact details in due course but for now could we ask people to contact  

Bill Heywood, Independent Tenant Advisor for NPV

Tel: 07507381697


Bill is the Independent Advisor for tthe New Park Village redevelopment and will be able to reply to you in the first instance and direct any queries you have to either one of his team or the new Independent Tenant Advisor.

We wish all the residents the very best for the Future and we hope that the redevelopment will really improve the quality of life on the estate for decades to come.

Finally, we would like to thank the residents of New Park Village for being so welcoming and supportive to us in our work which really meant a lot to us and made a big difference to the success of our work.

The Tpas team
November 2023