Implementing a resident governance structure

Friday 1st of May 2020

This Housing Association was established in 1968 and own and manage more than 5,500 homes across the country, providing a diverse range of housing solutions and associated services to meet the needs of their tenants. 

What were we approached to do/what was the problem/the brief?     

Tpas were appointed to help the organisations residents have a greater say in how the housing association operates by developing a new residents body to work in partnership with the landlord, strengthening the voice of tenants and offering greater influence over the Association’s business and service provision.

What did we do?

Tpas approached this project with a clear focus on approach and methodology, based on three key principles:

Communication – an essential part of the project, ensuring we are able to respond quickly to emerging needs, keep everyone informed and build sustainable relationships. 

Inspire – bring our wealth of experience of similar projects to truly empower tenants and staff for moving forward. 

Plan – agreeing key outcomes from the get-go, ensuring the association are clear on their objectives and how they plan on meeting them. 

During the process, Tpas worked with a steering group of tenants to help co-design and implement the new National Resident Group (NRG) model, develop and support the recruitment to the NRG, produce key documentation for the group and devise and deliver a tailor-made training programme to improve the skills and knowledge of the group members. 

The development of the NRG sees it sit as a sub-committee of the main board and has delegated powers; it is a measure of a confident new structure and provides assurances that the Consumer Standards are being to deliver to all residents.

What were the successful outputs and outcomes?

After the launch of the NRG, it quickly became a benchmark for other housing associations across the country. So much so, our client have been invited on numerous occasions to deliver workshops at sector conferences to showcase their revolutionised resident governance and engagement. The NRG has been instrumental in helping the landlord provide social investment, shape services and improve lives, it has helped bring more activities to sheltered housing schemes, increased security measures on estates and supported the creaation of allotments near homes - promoting wellbeing and reduced social isolation.