Developing a Merger Customer Involvement Framework

Friday 1st of May 2020

What were we approached to do?

Tpas were asked to facilitate a series of sessions designed to bring the two groups of involved residents from each organisation together to:

  • Find agreement and similarity of purpose
  • Develop a robust and cohesive engagement framework
  • Identify areas of engagement that need development
  • Consider alternative models and methods of engagement

What did we do?

As part of the work we:

  • Facilitated three sessions with involved residents from both organisations
  • Provided examples of good practice in mergers
  • Supported collaborative working to develop togetherness and harmony
  • Explored and demonstrated similarities between the stakeholders, considered fears, risks as well as opportunities

What were the successful outputs and outcomes?

  • Three very well attended sessions with high engagement from participants throughout
  • High satisfaction rates with the process from all stakeholders
  • Clarity of purpose and agreement in the way forward
  • A smooth transition into the new company